The Kind Of Augers You Get

Herewith a brief account on the kind of augers in use across the board. The auger that is used for digging holes in the ground is basically termed as an earth auger. This is a handheld power drill. It is also known as a soil auger. The more industrious and voluminous work is, the more essential it becomes for technicians, engineers, geologists, farmers, and the like to have a utility auger on standby. The handheld auger is manually turned. But as a power device, it can also be powered by electricity or an internal combustion engine.

On the farm, this combustion engine is attached to a tractor. The power is sourced from the tractor engine’s own power take-off capabilities. Handheld augers are also used in the domestic gardening environment. There are also augers for use on wood. A wood auger uses a screw so as to be pulled into the wood. It has a cutting lip that slices out a bottom in the hole. An auger bit is one component of the handheld unit.

utility auger

It is used in a brace and there are also cutting spurs that enable the cutting of cleaner circles deeper than the cut lip and around the area where lips scrape out the wood. Augers are used regularly in the construction industry. They are utilized for drilling rigs to dig deep holes. Industry scale augers are used for the formation of a piling retaining wall. These are constructed in a similar manner to the making up of foundation piles.

Apart from being used in agriculture, augers are also used by ice fishermen. They need these devices to drill holes in the ice in order to fish. And maple tree cultivators use augers to extract maple syrup.