If You Like History And Ships, Then This Is For You

Erebus. Or alongside of that; The Terror. To a majority of readers, this would not make much sense. But if you are fascinated about your country’s history and if you’ve got a curious but growing interest in ancient ships, then these names must just ring some bells. If you are fascinated by true stories of adventurous explorations into some of the most dangerous territories known to mankind, then you might be interested in initiating the building of museum quality ship models in honor of these two famous explorers just mentioned.

But what is really fascinating about this global village in which you find yourself living in these days is not so much how close you all are to each other, but also how different you all are. Each and every one of you have your own cultural heritage to be proud of. Or to mourn or remember. A good example might be the horrific legacies of those ships that crossed the Atlantic Ocean from East Africa to the Caribbean and then on to North America.

To most others who do not share the same history, these would be known as nothing more than slave ships. And yet. It has been done. Museum quality ships have been built to scale to commemorate such historic events. And not just ships with sails and cannon blasts. What about the most ancient of sea-faring vessels. Surely, the Kon Tiki expedition would make any Scandinavian proud.

museum quality ship models

Germans, Italians, the Irish and a whole host of other nationalities from the old continent, they had those steamships that took them to the New World. And the world’s biggest ship ever built that never quite made it? Imagine building that one. Wow!